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“Now I am able to concentrate to fulfill my dream, and when my son will grow up he will be very proud of his father.” A male migrant from Cameroon

My Dream

“My dream is to become a great football player. I started playing football in Cameroon at a very young age. First like all other boys you play football in the street, at school, with your neighbors, but very quickly I knew that this was my dream. My parents would let me play, but they wanted me to finish school, to go to the university and study something and get a good job after that. I didn’t want that, I wanted to play football.”

Making Moves

“I finished high school and registered in university, but I was not convinced, I wanted to play football. Then I met my girlfriend, she got pregnant and we decided to have the child. I was only 16 years old when my son was born. He will turn one in a month.”

“I didn’t want my child to keep me from doing what I like the most. I went to Guinea and I started playing on a team. One day a Cameroonian agent came and saw us playing. He came to me, talked to me and told that if I come to Tunisia I will have chances to become a great football player, that he will put me in contact with a manager here. That’s what he did. He arranged everything and before leaving Conakry I met the manager.”



“I arrived to Tunisia, a Tunisian man was waiting for me at the airport, he was a really nice guy and he helped me a lot. But then he disappeared and I don’t know anything about him now.”

“I found a small room in Aouina, I share it with another friend. I come here [the field] every day to train with the other friends. We train every day except Wednesdays and Sundays. My family finally accepted my choice and is being very supportive. They send me money to live here so I don’t have to work and can play and train as much as I can. I am now in the process of passing tests with several teams here and I hope I will sign a contract soon. Now I am able to concentrate to fulfill my dream, and when my son will grow up he will be very proud of his father.

October 2016 – Documented by the MHub Data Focal Point in Tunisia