Footprints Database

Footprints Database is a unique platform for analyzing and visualizing information on mixed migration to, through and from North Africa. The platform brings together data from a range of key global sources into one central hub, allowing users to find information on migration flows, asylum claims, deaths, rescues, resettlement, returns and more. Footprints Database offers users sophisticated custom visualization tools, which can be used to represent data on maps, graphs and tables. These visualizations can be dynamically embedded in other websites, exported as images for inclusion in reports, or saved as a dynamically updating query.

The platform also allows users to design and conduct surveys, or input other relevant migration related data for analysis and visualization. The user has full control over data inputted and controls the permission/privacy levels of their data to be shared with the public, colleagues, or limit to private use. Footprints Database also hosts unique field survey data collected by focal points stationed along key migratory routes in the region. Footprints Database is a project of the North African Mixed Migration Hub (MHub), an inter-agency research initiative based in Cairo.