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“I looked at it as proof, so I put my confidence in him.” –  A male migrant from Cameroon interviewed in Morocco 2/17




“When I arrived in Algeria, I met an Ivorian man. He told me that he had a (football) team, that he was a manager, that he had a soccer club, and that he had the opportunity to train young professionals. So he showed me some photos, where he had taken pictures with players like Gevignot, like Chicot, like Goussou Goussou, the main Ivorian professional footballers. And when I saw that, I looked at it as proof, so I put my confidence in him.”

And that’s how he told me to shell out 2 million CFA (approx. 3,240 USD), in order to help me have a club in Morocco and to do at least one season in Morocco. He had also shown me his training centre, which he had based here in Morocco. He showed me the gym, all this on pictures. That convinced me and I called my parents back home and told them that I had met somebody, a football manager, who was a manager in the FIFA, and that he had told me that he had founded a club here in Morocco, that I was going to do here a season and that after that he would have sent me in B series in Montenegro and that I was going to begin my football career without problems.”


“That’s how he took me from Algeria. Once arrived here in Morocco he put me in a house with young footballers and told me that he would have come back the next day. I stayed with those footballers. He never came back. I tried to type his number, it did not work.”

“One day I called him, he answered on the phone. I asked why I didn’t see him anymore. He told me to get by, that now it was like that. I told him that my parents had sent him two million to go to Europe to play football. I asked him if he had already spent that money. He replied that I have to manage to go on, that there was no more club in Morocco, and that I would have had to pass the test in the club on my own, that I didn’t need him anymore. After that I attempted and tried to recall him. It never worked. Up to this date I don’t know anymore where he is.”

February 2017 – Documented by MHub Data Focal Point in Morocco – Eleanora Castagnone